17 months and 10.8k views later

I’m currently sitting on my bed ditching YouTube for this because people are ready to drag me on Twitter if I don’t post today.

Welcome to the blogggg!

If you’re reading my blog for the first time, what took you so long? Welcome, hope you stick around.

I had quite a few ideas of what I wanted to gist you guys about next but this particular one is long overdue. One of my new year wishes was to hit 10,000 views and we did. In fact, we have 800 jara currently🎉🎉🎉🎉

It’s still incredible that this amount of people from nearly 40 countries in this world read my work. Unbelievable! Not many people know why I started this site. It’s very funny but I actually started it because someone vexed me😂 I’ll explain.

Backtrack to my first blog post on here, I mentioned how much passion I have for writing so much that I would do my secondary school classmates’ essay assignments. If you wrote WAEC in my school and you collected expo and passed very well, just know there’s a 70% probability I wrote your English essay (Of course I won’t be expatiating on that, forgeabourrit). That’s how much I love to imagine and form stories in my head. I would literally write like five different “how I spent my last holiday” essays and the teacher wouldn’t notice.

Entering uni, I started exploring a career in writing. Trust me, it didn’t just happen at once. I didn’t realize what I had was a talent, I just loved to write. It wasn’t a big deal to me at all. I wrote for this company (that shall not be named for obvious reasons) for one year, for free of course lol. The truth is that no one would place a value on your craft or skill if you’re just starting up. That’s why I always tell people to never go into this career path primarily because of money because you’ll get frustrated. Whatever it is, modelling, photography, fashion designing, you’ll do one or two (maybe hundred) free jobs before people are willing to pay for your services. It’s simple. Intellectual skills are underrated because you can’t quantify the amount of work put into it. Sometimes I find it difficult to put a price on my work because it’s invaluable. The only difference is they won’t pay you because you’re not established. It’s quite simple.

I realized how much this company was taking advantage of me and I quit. Take the bold step and do likewise. If your service is so undeserving of payment, they should do it themselves A.K.A do am if e easy👍

Back to my story, I started writing for the LSS Blog, my faculty’s official blog, in 2019 (I’m still on the blog team btw). We used to turn in articles for publication every week or so. I don’t remember. I sent an article on feminism titled “Feminism: Unpopular Opinion”. (Read here) It was a very thought-provoking piece and I knew I’d trigger a lot of people with it. Guess what? Lol my editor refused to post it because she’s a feminist. I bet she’s reading this right now. You know, I thought she just didn’t get my mail until I posted that same article on this blog. She read it and replied with something annoying.

Anyways, I was sooo pissed that I started my own blog. It didn’t happen immediately but it was a consequential action. I was reading a friend’s blog and I thought to myself “hmm I can do thisss!”. Let’s just say anger birthed this blog😂I honestly just wanted to document my thoughts on different aspects of life. I didn’t think people would like it so much.

17 months and 10.8k views later, I’m grateful for the editor that rejected my article. This was the best decision ever. It has opened doors for me (and did I mention a movie director found a review of his movie on my blog on Google?) I hope y’all keep on rocking with me cos I have a billion more people to offend.


Kindly tell me what you’d like me to write on next in the comments. Email afolabifareedah10@gmail.com for business or feature ideas.

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