We’re back!

Location: My daddy’s house 

No, no don’t comman beat me. I’m just saying😭

Phewww I’m backk!

I know, I know and I’m truly sorry. It’s been over two months since I posted on here and I sincerely missed doing this. Now, this is the part where I explain myself😂

Exams are finallyyyy overrr! I can finally breeet. I knew I had to take a break indefinitely when I could feel myself sinking. Online school was the absolute worst; from being data-sapping to energy-consuming —and I mean both my devices and my strength— to being absolutely useless. I was a bit disappointed the online exams were successful tbh. I wanted it to be a huge fail so I could write and be dramatic about it.

Honestly, I was panicking. Lecturers were sending a bunch, (no!), bunchessss of PDFs with an average of thirty pages each. I read a whopping sixty PDFs in just one semester, alongside textbooks and personal notes. I honestly couldn’t take it. I wasn’t inspired to write at all. My head wasn’t in anyway balanced.

Speaking about balance, I did learn something from this experience. Being a writer, editor, model, Law student (insert x, x being other things I do but can’t remember at the moment because I’m trying to finish this article). Balance isn’t always possible. I mean, giving equal energy into two or more things. And it’s totally okay! You don’t have to be a superhero handling school and entrepreneurship or music or whatever, perfectly okay. Sometimes, pause on one or some thing(s) and focus on what is necessary at the moment.

I wanted to do everything all at once. It was, however, becoming very difficult and it was killing me! School became a priority and other aspects of my life, like this blog, I had to hit a pause on. It felt like I was giving my baby away but I really just had to. It’s absolutely okay to give away your baby for sometime just so you can breathe. (Disclaimer: I shall not be held responsible for any real babies lost due to this article).

Thank you for always hitting me up to ask when I’d post. Anyways, I’m back so, feel free to send me content ideas. I have three weeks free so, use me till school gets hectic again. And plssss, flood the comments with how much you missed me 🤗

Email afolabifareedah10@gmail.com

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