January 2021 in Review


You don’t know how excited I am to finally fight my laziness and get my first blog post of the year up. This is actually the second time I’m making this, the first one refused to upload. Happy new year and happy January end! I thought it would be exciting to give a rundown of January 2021 and a quick life update.

Because of how disappointing 2020 was, I noticed most people came into the new year with very little expectations. No resolutions. No new year, new me. People that cut people off gan haff misplaze their scissors. Everyone was just grateful to have survived that apocalypse of a year. For myself particularly, I had no major resolutions. Just mental notes of things I want to be intentional about, topping the list are enjoying myself and being nicer. I’m like the bluntest person everrr but don’t worry, I know y’all toxic. You’re here for the violence. I won’t be extending my “niceness” on here. Definitely more roast and diss posts this year😂

My highlight for the year so far has been my newly-bagged ambassadorship with Flutterwave’s app, Barter. Barter by Flutterwave is an app that enables you send and receive money in any currency globally, FREE OF CHARGE. YEP! You can also perform other transactions like buying airtime as well as creating a virtual dollar account and card. (Pls support me by downloading the app and sign up with my code, “faree”.)

Originally, I wanted to take a break because of my consistency late last year but it soon blossomed into a block and I just couldn’t get back to my writing zone. Life has been a lot for me, working remotely and combining it with online school. I work like six jobs. I write and edit people’s ads, scripts and essay assignments. It’s been so difficult doing everything whilst maintaining mental stability. That is also why this blog has suffered. I hope to find a balance for myself soon.

What is this conversation without the challenges that have rocked social media in only one month?? Slo-mos, Bussit, Silhouette….May we not experience challenges in our life. Lez be calming down. Bussit was all greattt, yea beautiful women of all skin and body types. Woz going on in this Suliya challenge 😂Lez all calm down!

Cicely Tyson of HTGAWM died. Frank Lampard has been sacked. Joe Biden has been inaugurated into office. What else?

Wo me I dunno again. Goan check Twitter

General thoughts on January. Life seems to be going back to normal. School has resumed. Nigerians are waving the second wave of Covid. Everything seems fine. I know that many students are still home but things would get better. The year isn’t devoid of stress but it feels very promising.

Valentine is coming and people are beginning to deafen us unnecessarily. Personally, I think Valentine is overrated but what do I know? And what are those ridiculous prices you vendors are posting for plastic flower and teddy bear every Nigerian girl hate but would never admit. Pls send your Val money or take them out to a nice restaurant. I’m single and popping but if you want to make me happy, just send me red velvet cakes cos I shall decorate your head with the petals of the flower if they near me. (I’m also thinking of doing Valentine series but I don’t know o. I’m very lazy.)

I really appreciate readers that have been reaching out to me. You guys make this worth it. Did you have any resolution? Pls flood my comment section with how you’ve been, how much you miss me and content ideas you’d like to read in 2021. See you in my next one! 💕

Email afolabifareedah10@gmail.com for business or feature ideas.

34 thoughts on “January 2021 in Review

  1. Oppression here and there. Valentine never reach 😭😭
    Congrats again on flutterwave, bigger deals coming 😊
    And lastly, Amen! We will nuh face challenge in our lives ooo.

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  2. 😂😂😂😂 I was laughing throughout mehn😂😭, fareedahh😂😂…..urghh I missed this🥺. What would it take for you to be dropping us content every month🤲🥺….yes I’m that hungry for more🥺. Lovely just lovelyyy💕. Thank youuu🤗🤗🤗🤗

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  3. You’re wonderful! Whenever I read your article, you reminded me of someone who used to tell me back then that I know how to deal with meat, let me also reveal to you that you can deal with words magically. Congratulations on your ambassadorial appointment with flutterwave

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  4. It’s the prices by vendors that annoy me the most. And then, it’s people in relationships that won’t let singus rest. Every small thing, “dear single… ” If I give you knock with that your Twitter relationship 😒😑

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