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What a year it was! This year is finallyyy over! 2020 dettied us so badly I never want to hear that word again. From a global pandemic to Black Lives Matter to the End Sars movement, deaths and multiple disasters….nahhh at this point gee, you winn! The faster you accept your L, the better for you.

I’m bringing back an end-of-the-year ritual I started last year. In the spirit of sober reflections and resolutions, I have compiled a list of trends and habits that must die and be buried with 2020.

  1. No cap”

Lord knows I hate it so much when I’m having a proper conversation with someone in person and they just go “no cap”. As per you don’t have the cap-ability to express yourself in normal English?? Plizzzz don’t do it again.

  1. Wearing multiple brands

Top fake ashluxe, trouser puma, shoes Nike, Prada watch and hungry-looking gold-laced iron chains. Or those ones that wear vintage on vintage feeling funky😂😭Your babe won’t tell you this but brooo you just look mad ugly and tacky.

Wearing expensive stuff or stuff that looks “expensive” isn’t a measure of wealth or style. Maximum of two brands in one outfit.

  1. Guys’ opinions on women

Honestly, it’s okay for you to have things you like but there’s just something guys do that irks my soul. Guys saying they prefer girls without makeup or a certain way. First of all, you’re not even my spec. Who gave you authority over how I look or choose to exist? How audacious!

  1. Split pic

You’ll just be scrolling through WhatsApp and you’ll see “add up 4 more views” with someone’s number displayed so tackily with their picture. Festofall this app is kansud! This is the year that we end this. I legit need to understand. Are you making money from those views? What do you sell or what value are you offering? It makes zero sense. Then they start posting “Fuck haterz” brooo you added them though! You literally advertised your contact to them.

Protect yourself and cut off negative energy. Try as much as possible to keep your CL pure. People who genuinely care for you or add value to you.

  1. Burnt indomie hair

*Google didn’t give me an appropriate picture

I know girls would get this analogy😂 Whoever told guys to relax their hair, dye and curl? Lol what look you going for, burnt indominnn? You either have curly hair or not, don’t be frying your hair dear. This is not even a shade. I be helping y’all and you don’t even thank meee!

  1. Sending unsolicited birthday pictures

(You people that repost pictures like this don’t have fear of God o😂😂😂 )Honestly, those pictures are not even my problem.

Someone will do birthday photoshoot and send the pictures without me asking. That’s not still my problem. The person will na put “plz wish me well, say a prayer for me it’s my day”. Why, is it by force? What if I don’t wish you well? You practically blackmail me into posting pictures whether or not I think they look good. Ok that’s still half of the problem.

I legit get people tell me “you didn’t post me on my day”! These people would take note of everyone who reposted the pictures, repost their reposts and even turn it into a full chat on their status. I can neverrrr understand this behavior!

  1. Overly complaining about “fake friends“

2020 is the year we stop whining and complaining on social media about friends who supposedly don’t support you. Own your craft. Promote yourself unrelentingly; everyone else would catch up. That’s all some people ever dwell on. If all you have to say about people around you especially your own friends are negative things, maybe you are the problem.

  1. “Not all men…”

If you’re one of those people who wait for when women post an assault experience and then say “not all men”, you need to leave that crap in this year. When your friends assault people do you call them out? Do you educate your friends on why it’s not right? Do you scold them when they disrespect women? Do you speak up when they demean women? Do you laugh when they make jokes sexualising women? If you don’t have answers pls don’t text me. You’re a fundamental unit of the problem. Burn it, erase it. You must never speak those words.

  1. Dark Humour

Patriarchy jokes, rape jokes, paedophile jokes. This is the year we end them. So much for being a “woke” generation. We might as well go back to sleep.

Asidessss all of these stuff, I’ll pardon every other behavior 😂

I’m grateful for growth. This time last year I was so pumped about having one thousand people read me, now we’re almost at 10,000! I can never get used to this. I’m grateful for the support and such an amazinggg audience.

Keep your plans and resolutions simple. If anything, this year should teach you that things may not go as planned, hell, life can go a whole 180 degree away from all that you expect. Try to have fun. You made it out of a freaking apocalypse. That’s a major achievement right there.

I pray that 2021 is a restoration of everything lost and above all, a year in which you’re truly happy. Happyyyyy newww yearrrr!

Love, Fareedah.

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15 thoughts on “New year, New rules 2.0

  1. “The Best”
    You really did some people dirty here though😂😂, split pic😂😂 omo those people i don’t even understand.
    Anywaysss wish to read more of this next yearr🤩🤩, wish you a prosperous and successful year ahead fareedah🤗🤗. Happy new year in advance🥳🤗

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Some people will soon come for you! Hahaha. But don’t worry, you’re protected with the Arsenal of God 😏
    Congrats on 10k views in advance!🤙🏽

    Liked by 1 person

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