Christmas is the perfect time to Netflix! I found five beautiful movies that would ignite your holiday spirit.

  1. Operation Christmas Drop

This is an American Christmas romcom about a congressional staffer (Erica) sent to Guam by her boss to shut down an Air Force Base because of the operation. Andrew, an Air Force captain whom she later falls in love with, is assigned to show her around and give her reasons to keep it open. The Christmas Drop is a military humanitarian service in which they “drop” food and other essential supplies to needy or less-privileged islands just in time for Christmas (like Santa). They believe the military are running on taxpayers’ fund when, really, the operation is solely accomplished through generous donations and volunteering.

Erica must sacrifice her own Christmas to travel 36 hours just to give a report on why that base needs to be shut down. She ends up getting torn between keeping her job and not killing a good cause. If you need to ignite your Christmas spirit (especially, of giving), you need to see this movie. I felt mushy and at peace till the end.

  1. Holidate

This is quite a chaotic movie. I had series of high emotions while watching. If cliché romantic comedies bore you…….well, you wouldn’t be so bored.

The story revolves around two people who are fed up of being single-to-stupor. They meet at the mall and decide to be each other’s “holidate”, a term meaning one’s date at every holiday, literally. This way, Sloane (the female lead cast), hopes to avoid her mother’s nagging of her being the only single person in the family (or maybe her own loneliness). Of course like every romcom, they catch feelings and the platonic relationship gets sabotaged. Holidate explores love and family in the most chaotic way.

  1. A California Christmas

The son of a wealthy San Francisco real estate couple, Joseph, poses to be a ranch hand to get a hardworking farmer to sell her family’s land. His original intention was to get to know her up close and personal so as to close the deal. What was meant to go on for a few days, however, lingers on for weeks. They develop feelings for each other. Joseph’s mother who becomes impatient with the process of the land sale, arrives on the ranch which exposes him. This brings about trouble in paradise.

It’s a solid storyline. Executed in a way you’ve never seen before (and oh boy, the lead actress is stunning!!!)

  1. The Princess Switch: Switched Again

The movie is a sequel to The Princess Switch. One week before Christmas, a duchess switches places with an ordinary baker from Chicago, who looks exactly like her. They meet when the baker enters into a Christmas baking competition. They realize they want the each other’s lives so they switch (they’re identical, anyway!) Things, however, go south when they fall in love with each other’s beaus.

In Switched Again, they switch yet again. A third lookalike is introduced as the duchess’ evil cousin who also poses to be her. Vanessa Hudgens was absolutely as she played all three roles simultaneously. I suggest you see the first movie before the sequel.

  1. The Knight Before Christmas

Vanessa Hudgens stuns again in this film. She plays a woman who has given up on finding her perfect love story. She meets Cole, who is sent from the 14th century to fulfill his destiny of being a knight. She believed he is suffering from amnesia when he, indeed, is her “knight in shining armour”. I like how the medieval and modern times are synchronized.

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