10 Nigerian Students’ Moods as ASUU Calls off Strike

Art by @meekswurld


The Academic Staff Union called off its nine month-long industrial strike today after agreeing on major issues with the Federal Government. Here are ten moods every Nigerian student can relate to as we brace ourselves for resumption:

  1. The “get-inside” children that have been locked up for nine months
  1. The ones that shopped throughout lockdown and did cloth heist from family members ready to oppress us
  1. The magicians that would finish one year syllabus in two weeks
  1. The ones that are panicking because they don’t even know where their books are
  1. The ones ready to fight WW3 with their landlords
  1. The entrepreneurs that have moved on with their lives
  1. The scholars that already finished course outline since May

  1. Turn-up at first party after resumption
  1. Meanwhile, ASUU and landlords……..
  1. And then there’s me……

Btw Pawpaw issa meme legend!

Comment which mood is yours or any other that didn’t make the list. Email afolabifareedah10@gmail.com

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