Rate or Roast: Anime Edition

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This is a much-anticipated review. I finally watched my first anime! It’s titled “Yakusoku no neverland”. I’ve never really cared about animes and I think people who watch it are lowkey freaks but that perception kinda changed after I watched my friend, Tife’s YouTube video on anime memes. (Click here to watch the Youtube video and plsssss subscribe!) I found it really interesting even if I didn’t understand the inside jokes so I challenged myself to see one (and see what all the hype really was about). Besides, it would be great content to do a review.

I spoke to a couple friends about it and this particular anime came in highly recommended. Honestly didn’t think people would care so much about my thoughts until I posted. Speaking with Otakus (learnt from a friend it means people who watch a lot of anime shows), I learnt really interesting things especially the fact that they actually understand the Japanese language from watching. Quite a number of them have threatened to take down my blog if I write a slander and that’s a challenge I live for.

Yakusoku No Neverland

This anime has just one season for now, 12 episodes inclusive. The story is quite simple yet complex. It’s a horror, sci-fi and thriller anime. It’s not so scary that you can’t watch it, it’s just kinda dark. The storyline is also not so superficial that you can’t relate. Wikipedia says it’s set in 2045 (which explains why children below the age of 12 are smarter than I am).

It’s about 38 orphans living a perfect life in Grace Field House and being cared for by their “Mom”, Isabella. They have all is required for a child to grow happily; clean clothes, good food, comfortable home, decent condition of living, love and support. When a child is adopted and leaves for a new family, three of the oldest kids, Norman, Emma and Ray, soon discover they’re being raised to be sold and devoured by demons. The children join forces to escape the shackles of the evil people.

Things to expect for a first-time anime viewer: The intro is tooooo long. They have exaggerated emotions, panic attacks and outbursts especially anger. Quite a temper for imaginary creatures. It’s so annoying. I do like the suspense but it has this somewhat annoying minutes of silence characterized by abrupt camera changes to different angles and intensified music (ZeeWorld fans can relate). I can’t say, for a fact, that every anime has all these but this should give you a rough idea what to expect.

My first impression was “omggg what are these cute things!” (If you have baby fever, this is the content to indulge in). It’s so heartwarming I felt my stomach flutter throughout the first episode. Great angles, crisp lighting, sound and cinematography. The elements of flashback and suspense took it to another level. At some point, there are some breaks in between the course of the storyline that leave you confused but they are all connected in later episodes. Every detail is significant and it forms a whole in the end. You may not understand the actions of some characters until the end. There are majorrrr surprises! It’s an all-round, thrilling, feel-good show. (Also excited there’s at least a black person on the show. We do matter.)

You guyssss, it’s so bomb! I love it and 💯 recommend! Definitely rating this a 9.

Are Otakus dead guys?

There’s a behavioral pattern I observed. Many of them feel like they’re cooler than everyone else or their taste is superior (like JCole and The Weeknd fans). You know what? I get it. I understand the craze and hype now but they’re still kinda dead guys for obsessing over weird animated creatures.

Hateeee that I enjoyed it cos I’d have loved to watch the threats being actualized. You know I live for violence lmaoo. Anywayssss, I can’t wait for season 2. Maybe not necessarily become an Otaku but I’ll be watching more animes. Attack on Titans next.

Leave a comment on your thoughts and what you’d like me to review next. Email afolabifareedah10@gmail.com to contact me.

15 thoughts on “Rate or Roast: Anime Edition

  1. I feel next time, give the genre tou want in particular when asking for recommendations.

    I for one personally don’t have interest in this particular anime, but there are some that I would absolutely rate a 10. And others might find it a 5.

    So it would be better to tailor the content to your taste genre wise.

    All in all great review plus weebs/Otakus are not dead guys.

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