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It’s popular knowledge many millennials don’t rate Nigerian movies comparing Hollywood and other top-notch “woods” to our low-quality, tacky storylines and just all-round shenanigans they call movies. Amongst all of these, some are just really brilliant and stand out for me. Nope, Citation isn’t on this list simply because everyone and their mama knows about it. I also have reservations about some elements in the film. There were a lot of loopholes that made me think “hmm I’m not so sure about this”. Overall, it was a beautiful movie.

Here are top five Nigerian movies you’re sleeping on:

  • Living in Bondage: Breaking Free

I don’t know what you think about Nigerian movies but this particular one would shatter all your perceptions. It is a supernatural thriller movie directed by my beloved Ramsey Nouah, who is also the main villain. The movie is a sequel to the 1992 classic, Living in Bondage. A young, ambitious man meets a mysterious business tycoon who promises him opulence and power. He becomes faced with a serious crisis when this newly begotten wealth draws him deep into an occultic brotherhood, The Six. If you love speedy, horror movies, this is definitely a steal.

This is one of the best I’ve ever seen. I literally held my breath throughout. I watched it today and I remember all the things I felt when I first saw it in the movies last December. The cinematography is beautiful! Stellar cast. It is enthralling, fast-paced and almost makes you feel like you’re the protagonist. You are able to get into his head and feel his emotions. I particularly love the insight we’re given into the rich Igbo culture as the actors switch smoothly from English to the Igbo language; the vibrant attires, ceremonies arrrggghh I love it! Makes me want to marry an Nnamdi Okeke😻

  • She is

She is is a story about a successful woman on the road to her 40s yet unmarried. She is under untold pressure by friends and family to settle down but she takes her time to search for the right partner through what religion deems the right way, refusing to settle for less. On the brink of losing her fertility to fibroid, she is dumped at a crossroads in which she has to choose between having a baby soon or going under the knife. The lead character was played by Somkele Iyamah, a beautiful woman and incredible actress. There’s a hint of comedy filled with romance, pretense and fantasies. Many Nigerian women, young adults even, would definitely relate to the unnecessary yet stifling pressures women are made to go through at different stages of life especially with marriage and procreation. Viewers also get to grasp the concept of “finding Mr Right”.

  • Coming from Insanity

Featuring Gabriel Afolayan as the lead cast, the movie is about a houseboy of an upper middle-class family with genius-level intelligence. Desperately wanting to escape poverty, Kossi seeks ways to make his own money (literally). He eventually succeeds in making close-to-flawless counterfeit money which makes him land on EFCC’s radar. Frankly speaking, the movie starts really slow but couple of minutes in, the events go from a 0 to 100. This is one of those films that makes viewers lend undiluted support to obvious criminals and the good guys eventually seem like the bad guys (like in Money Heist). I literally rooted for him till the end, hoping he is never caught.

  • In Line

Yunno it’s a banger when Adesua Etomi is cast in a film. She literally embodies every character. In line is about a convicted murderer given a pardon hence reunited with his wife who is plotting revenge against him for years of domestic violence. He is convinced his wife is cheating so he hires his ex, a private investigator, to find out the truth.

I love movies about marriages so in the first hour you see a man trying to salvage his home. However, intense drama kicks in in the last thirty minutes as there’s a crazy plot twist, the final scenes being the craziest. This, really, is a story of betrayals, love never meant to be and why exes should remain exes lmao. Personally, I would’ve written the ending differently but I’d let you be the judge of that. Amazing lighting and angles by the way!

  • Kasanova

Kasanova (2019) is a romantic comedy (y’all know I love my romcomsss!) about a single dad who becomes a playboy until he meets his son’s music teacher. Things complicate as the woman’s daughter and his son happen to have a thing for each other. It becomes a battle for love, friendship and family as the parents and the children strive to mend their estranged relationships. It is hilarious!!! Odunlade Adekola and Toyin Abraham definitely did it for me.

The most interesting part about this movie is that the school scenes were shot in our very own University of Lagos (whoop whoop!). Now go flex on those OAU niggas whenever they try to mention Citation.

Also recommended: Chief Daddy, Your Excellency, Love is War. Absolutely brilliant movies. Comment your thoughts or if you’d like me to review any other film.

As always, you’re welcome!

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19 thoughts on “Top Five Nigerian Movies You’re Sleeping on

  1. Tbh, apart from the story line I don’t think “She Is” is meant to be on that list. The concept of making a movie giving light on a societal was nice but the movie wasn’t it. There wasn’t much depth in the movie and asides that, the plot wasn’t well developed. The movie wasn’t well developed. That’s my humble opinion.

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  2. Kasanova made me feel smart when I knew the answers to the questions asked by Ini’s friends on literature.

    And not to forget when that boy was singing terribly that odunlade Adekola didn’t even let him land his horrible note😂😂😂. That particular scene was so hilarious

    Living in Bondage is still my favourite. How Ramsey Noah was able to speak Chinese 😩🥺. The movie is an A+

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  3. I honestly dislike Nigerian movies but nollywood has been trying nowadays. Would definitely want to watch these since you wrote on them.
    Can i download them on fzmovies🥺, yunno no Netflix sub🤧.

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