*plays Burna boy’s 20 10 20 in the background*

It’s been two weeks since the vile Lekki massacre. Honestly, I’ve not been inspired to write at allll. After I get this article done with, my regular, positive, entertaining content would flow again hopefully. Trust me, I have loadssss of content planned out at least till the end of this year but it just doesn’t feel right at the moment.

Moving on to the elephant in the room, we need to discuss the aftermath of the #EndSars protests. There’s really no physical (or hardly any) protesting going on anymore. The energy is changing (which is a good thing btw. Depression is real). The tension has eased drastically. Although, there’s been major violence in many parts of Lagos by miscreants who found the protests as an avenue to execute their evil doings. Prices of food and commuting in Lagos have skyrocketed (btw if your mom sells onions pls comment I’m ready to marry you). There’s no doubt everyone has moved on………except families of victims of police brutality and survivors of the attack.

The title of this post “The North Remembers” is very symbolic. It randomly popped into my head and I thought there was nothing more suitable. It’s a catchphrase from the popular series, Game of Thrones. “The North” here is a reference to the youths, victims, families, history and Nigeria as a whole. It’s a not-so-subtle reminder that we haven’t and would never forget October 20, 2020. It’s a wake-up call just in case you’ve forgotten. People have been scarred forever; some hurting and mourning. The struggles of the protests must be immortalized and guarded like the last memories of a deceased loved one.

What is this discussion without the nation-wide looting?😂 Factually speaking, I enjoyed it allllll, desperately hoping one palliative warehouse would be discovered near me. (Yunno pack like two bags of rice inside Uber, like three bags inside maruwa. I’ll just manage those five so it won’t look like I’m overdoing it). The beautiful thing about this revolution is it exposed all the ills (and Desmonds) in this clime. Never would I have ever thought that there was such amount of food stockpiled in a country where people are dying of hunger. I dare say that was redistribution of resources not stealing. I’m so glad some people would have a blissful Christmas. However, I totally condemn the looting and vandalism of private property. When the government fails to respond to peaceful protests, anarchy is imminent. I really hope what they all lost is restored soon enough.

Following the #5For5 demands has not been the easiest but I know for a fact that Lagos state has set up a judicial panel to investigate all the crimes reported and the International Criminal Court has also shown interest. Wrapping up, I would like for us to keep up the energy and remain tactical. We actually do need a leader at this point. We need young, innovative and progress-seeking people to run for the 2023 polls. This is my own way of using my platform to immortalize 20-10-20. Find yours!

The North Remembers…..

Listen to Subomi’s podcast on End Sars here Read Joseph’s review of Burna boy’s song, 20-10-20 Email for business or feature ideas.

13 thoughts on “THE NORTH REMEMBERS

    1. Yes, the saga has ease off but history is being written and engraved on stone. Generation unborn will come and salute the heros and the fallen ones among them.
      Seriously awaiting the next phase of it all. Alas, 2023 will be a game changer, it’s not over yet.

      A nice piece you wrote. Thanks

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