Your favorite consistent blogger is back!😂

A reader requested for me to write about music. He didn’t give any specifics but I decided to add my own twist. I love music soo much and I’m sure a bulk of you guys do too. I’ll be giving you a free pass to my eclectic playlist.

A few weeks ago, I remember talking to a couple of people about what I listen to. I posted a Snapchat of me vibing to Haruna Ishola and people were gasping in shock 😂 I listen to a wide range of people and genres: afrobeat; Fuji; apala; hiphop; blues (not as much as my Nokia asha days anyway); trap music. I’m open to any kind of music but I’m more endeared to fast-paced songs.

Let’s do small gist. Why do people take music so seriously? Especially fans of artistes; say the Beehives, J Cole stans, Marlians. We get it! You love your music star but pls let us breathe. People’s tastes in music vary and it is just as valid as yours. I notice a kind of discrimination of fans of beat-oriented music —e.g Naira Marley (I’m a proud Marlian btw)— by fans of more lyric-oriented songs e.g J Cole. They self-impose some kind of deepness or superiority. You can very well listen to any genre and like I always say, there’s a market for every kind of music. I’d ditch J Cole for Naira Marley any day, anytime.

Music should soothe and unite…..

Whilst you’re learning lyrics to reflect on your life or just impress your WhatsApp people, some of us just want to dance. It’s really not that deep. I must also add that the industry can accommodate billions of music stars. Stop the comparisons and Wizkid vs Davido battles. Lol it’s Wizkid for me, though.

Moving on to the OOTD, I love to organize (especially music). I’m kinda OCD so I have specific songs in specific playlists for specific moods or activities.


So I titled this playlist “Nice”. It’s a couple of afrobeat and hiphop songs. Just nice vibes that take me through the day.


As the title implies, they’re songs that make you want to Gbese. Great for mini hangouts with buddies that like to groove. Check out the Sinym EP by Sarz. Really nice!


These are songs for my moody days or when I’m not feeling very hyper. Great for mushy-mushy times with bae too (if you have one).

Old Vibes

They are old/not-so-recent songs that I still jam to. Never gets old.


Alujo” is a popular Yoruba word which means something similar to “vibe-y music” or music/beat that makes you want to dance and wear out your shoes (I think😂). I have majorly Kwam 1 and Haruna Ishola on this for now.


For when I’m feeling like a top-charting rapper. Just created it. I’ll add more songs later.


Like I said, I listen to a wide variety of genres. I found a video on Instagram in which a live band was playing this song and I quickly went to search for it. It’s like gospel sang in gbese style. You’d love it.

There’s more miscellaneous songs on my playlist but you’d have to pay for that. You’re welcome.

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13 thoughts on “What’s on my Playlist?

  1. I guess you’re a big fan of Omah lay😌. I have most of these songs and I’m glad you have “Lenu” some smooth vibe shi.
    Nice playlist but don’t sleep on oxlade🥺

    Liked by 1 person

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