Teen dating; how to manage advances from men

Helloooo FABfam!

Sooo I decided to send a broadcast message to my readers to send in suggestions of what they’d like to read or topical issues they’d like to hear my opinions on (even people or things they want me to roast). Let’s call this a #Readerstakeover

I got reallyyy interesting feedbacks and I’m more than convinced some of you want to put problem on my head😂😂😂 One person asked me to roast a really popular person in this faculty (pliz dear!) I could critique someone’s body of work or conduct but not their persona. That’s lowly. We don’t do such here.

Many of you recommended relationship gist. This particular one caught my eye.

(Disclaimer: I’m not a relationship expert or anything. These are probably things I’ve learnt from experiences or my own mistakes)

Teen dating and how to manage advances from men 101. Jot finz down!

  • Don’t screenshot guys’ advances just to post and make fun of them

To be very candid, we’ve all done this. It’s not cool. Someone is probably seating somewhere stringing all the vocabulary in the world to impress your ass😂 Reply with all the blushing emojis you can find even if he spells one word wrongly. Post mad pick up lines. Help other brothers.

  • Be nice

You’re not a bad bitch. You’re just rude. There’s nothing classier than a polite girl.

  • Reply your DMs

Look I still tell myself this too, okay?😂 You’re not obliged to but it’s great to get to know people and engage in meaningful conversations.

  • Focus on yourself

Find what makes you happy. Don’t ever place the burden of your happiness entirely on another human being that is still on a journey of finding him/herself. This is something I’ve really had to learn.

  • “I love you

I God loves me too (hallelujah!)

  • Where are you based?”

On the alter of God in Jannah.

  • “Can you come over?”

To meet your parents? Calm dan!

  • Communicate

Don’t express your feelings using silly, generic quotes on your status. “We move”, “Queens don’t beg”…..Pele o Queen Elizabeth of Idumota. You’re not okay with a certain conduct? Communicate! If the other person is not willing to listen or compromise, focus on yourself!

  • Are you your spec’s spec?

You want an Otedola? Are you an Eazi? You want a Cardi B. Are you an Offset? Carefully analyse your checklist and the feasibility of you getting it—position yourself strategically for what you want. Channel that energy you’re using to look for rich men into your life and make your own money

  • Chill out!

Dating in your teens is one of the many processes in your journey to you. The means to an end being finding yourself and what you may potentially want for yourself. Get to know you and other people. It’s really not that serious.

Don’t ever forget you’re a spec. Spectacle lomo osheyy!

More of the topics you recommended coming soon. Email afolabifareedah10@gmail.com

31 thoughts on “Teen dating; how to manage advances from men

    1. They were very close…..you could say they were in love…..met up….got intimate……They both loved it….. Everything was cool…… Already planning when they’ll meet next……. Then he wakes up one morning seeing a text from her saying she doesn’t want to talk to him again……..he tried to inquire why she felt that way………….she avoids answering his questions directly, so he was still left in the dark so to say……..then she starts getting really cold towards him…..Then blocks him from every social media


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