How I Made Money as an Unemployed Student During the Lockdown

Disclaimer: The money has finished, pliz dear!

This isn’t one of those “perspire to aspire posts”. In fact, I didn’t learn any new lucrative skill. I only discovered a market and put a value to what I already loved doing.

We’ve been stuck at home for months which means no allowance (the only source of income for many students). Here’s four ways I made some money that went into data, my savings and investment:


As a blogger with a decent amount of audience, I usually get offers from writers and creatives to post their articles or works here just to showcase to a wider category of people. They send me their preferred choice of post, pay for it and get some form of publicity/engagement in return.

The deal here, however, is that I want to maintain absolute control of the content I put out. Hence, I do not accept posts that are devoid of the standard I wish to maintain or that are generally repugnant (Lol people be wildinggg!)


I’ve always loved working for great brands and projecting their ideas to the targeted audience. I’ve modeled for bag brands, designers and different companies. Of course, I couldn’t go out for shoots during the lockdown but I got sent products (and some coins) to use and promote.


This is easily a way you can make money especially if you have a substantial audience which the author or brand is seeking to reach. In a few posts to come, you’ll be reading a review of a book by an author who reached out to me. I’m, however, thinking of doing a roast post of products you should absolutely not waste your money on. Hopefully, nobody comes for my ass. (Any brand that doesn’t want to be included can send me a message to sponsor the post😂)


People that follow my Instastory and status updates know I’m a music enthusiast. I love to make videos vibing to music. Even off camera, I have songs that I listen to while I write or do chores. So if I looove a song, I’m putting everyone on my social media on to it.

Another way I earn some cash is through blogging/Wordpress. This would be an entire post on its own and definitely a full course in my blogging masterclass coming soon.

In weeks to come, you’d see me delve into my journey to my distinct career paths in a bid to inspire a young girl or boy willing to follow suit (or just to feed amebo people like myself). Ultimately, place a value on your hobby especially one whose service people require. If your service is so worthless, they can as well do it themselves.

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