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Quick insight to new readers: I started this segment to showcase young and budding talents and today’s rookie is young and budding in every sense of it. I just know music and party lovers would pay me for this one.

DJ DRIKKLE, whose full name is Ojo Arnold Daniel, is a disc jockey studying Law in the University of Lagos. He started up by playing drums and singing in church before he realized his soft spot for DJ-ing. His career took off after his first gig in 2016 which was a kid’s birthday (and free, of course). Gaining admission marked a considerable growth in his career as he was able to meet influential people in the entertainment industry such as Toby Shang and The Real Irebamiji. So far he has Dj-ed at quite a number of notable events such as the BETH party and faculty events including The Monochrome Vibe 1.0, The Abiola Ojo games and most recently, The Switch freshers’ party.

He has now signed a deal with Metro Ent. as the official management DJ. The inspiration behind his trademark mask was gotten from Mashmellow. Get to know the famous Law’s masked DJ:


DJ Drikkle

Brief bio of yourself.

I’m a Masked DJ and a Law Student (University of Lagos). Born in Lagos and spent almost all my life In Lagos. I come from a Family of 6. I’m the last one. I love to play drums and sing also. One of my greatest Achievements in life is my JAMB Score.. ( you don’t want to know).
I started Djing at 16 but not officially. Had my first official gig at 18 and my first pay as well.

Every musically-inclined person seemed to start up in church. At what point did you realize all you wanted to do is DJ?

It got to that point where I knew I was good at singing but found it hard to write a song down unless it’s pure freestyle. I then decided that since I could count or read beat why not put it into mixing music? Luckily for me, I had a Laptop so I just had to get the software. My love for singing songs and drum turned me to a DJ and that’s why I love mashups and refixes.

Did you have any form of training?

Yes I did. Took some DJ Courses Online majorly from YouTube. Learn to Scratch . Beat Matching and so on.

We study in the same faculty and I was at the freshers’ party which you DJ-ed at? How has it been joggling Law and disc jockeying? How well are you recognized as a DJ and how often do you play for the faculty?

It’s not really been easy because with Law I feel limited. There are some things I should have done or could have done but just because I’ve got Law, I cannot. Some competitions fall during test period. I, however, try to create a balance. Most times I tend to my books when I’m back from class then take up DJ practice during the weekend. Where my events fall in between my classes, you know what to do.. Lol

My Recognition actually came as a result of my Mask. A lot of people do not really know who’s behind it. And that’s the essence anyways. To a reasonable extent I’m quite recognized . This 2020 has been my breakthrough year in the faculty.
I played last year too but not as much as this year. I handled all the events LSS had this year that means I play often.

The pandemic hit every creative badly. Have you been able to work or practise while at home?

Yes I practiced.
Most of my shows got cancelled and some are on hold for now. Hoping for the best but truth be told, I miss hearing my self play on Loud speakers, controlling the crowd and the vibe.
I dropped some mixtapes and some new musical projects…
Watch this space.

I’m addicted to your “Kolerebody refix”. What’s the process like creating and uploading a mixtape?

Wow. First off, I appreciate the fact that you’re addicted to it. I feel so loved.
The making of Kolerebody wasn’t too hard even if I had to try a lot of times. I listened to the main song and somehow I knew that something should be added. So I picked my laptop and searched for a beat. I listened to it and chopped off the useless parts out.
Back to the main song. I, then, made some rearrangements of the song. Put the new beat underneath, mashed up and we got the new Kolerebody style.
Uploading didn’t take much time. Just a few sec to Audiomack.

What was your weirdest experience or request you’ve ever gotten at a gig?

Hmmmm. I’m thinking o. It was when i played at ST&T Regency School. So I asked the guy what songs they wanted. I got all of them and played it. Mehn. They knew nothing from the list. I had endless request for Killin Dem .. It was really weird for me.

Did your parents approve of your craft or was Law just a cover up?

Well. To an extent, they did but not until they started seeing the inflow of the business. But there’s still this warning about me graduating and finishing well. There was a point they wanted me to face Law Squarely and then start being a DJ after it.
Lol. Our parents are really funny. But my elder brother,David, has been a great support for me .

A couple of young DJs would be reading this. How lucrative really is this profession and what are some tips that could help them in their journey?

Hmmm. For beginner DJs, don’t expect too much money. My First gig couldn’t even get me a Pizza of course not a smallie. My point is that the passion should drive you. Build hope, your sounds and follow the right steps. Link up with people. With time, it gets better, at least for me . It got really better. And yes, there’s cash in this hustle if you know your way.

If want to kick off being a DJ, pause and take a look at yourself and the things you’ll have to do. Sacrifices you’ll have to make. Can you stand for hours? Can you play the jam to which you cannot even dance to or groove like others.
It involves time and commitment.

I must say, if you really put your mind to something you can go far. Lest I forget, supportive friends. Shoutout to Quadri, Azeez, Oyindamola, Bolu, my Hypeman, Prosco and so many other guys too. I’ve got a beautiful team.
They all got me this far and God also been by my side.

I just feel like you wouldn’t disappoint me. Messi or Ronaldo?

Haha. No long talks. Hmmmmmm. I’ll pick Ronaldo. I mean his physique, his of play and strength. I’m a fan of a person who loves to put in extra work even if you’ve got talent.

As a Messi fan, I take offence and it’s high time we ended this interview 😂

Keep up with DJ Drikkle IG: @dj_drikkle Twitter: @DDrikkle Listen to his mixtapes on Audiomack here

Email afolabifareedah10@gmail.com to advertise/ get featured.

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