George………I told you!


I told you, I told you….

“I told you, I told you” were the echoes telegraphing from the remains of George’s grave. No, not Floyd but George StinneyJr., the youngest being sentenced to death by electrocution in the 20th century by the US uncolored judicial system.

In its vicious quest to tame The Black Man, The US uncolored judicial system has perpetrated far more injustice in history than history itself could have documented. During the early ‘40s, the Police arrested 14-year old George, having discovered two young girls’ dead bodies near his parents abode. With little knowledge of what was coming, crippled with fear, he held steadfast to his bible. Maybe there is a God at the other end; maybe this is a test; maybe there is some mistake somewhere; maybe this is my fate; or maybe not, were the thoughts that clouded his mind.

In order not to raise an alibi so as not to create any ounce of doubt, poignant effort was made to prevent George’s parents from being present at his trial. The trial, which lasted for two hours, saw George being sentenced to death by electrocution as he was charged with murder. “I’m innocent, I’m innocent,” were his last resort as he tried effortlessly to grapple the attention of the nonchalant jury.

I’m innocent, I’m innocent……

Consequently, little George was held in solitary, 80 miles from his city, with no presence of parents or lawyer to grace him. After 81 days of being locked up, precisely on June 16 1944, he was accompanied to the electrical chair. Unlike the grown-ups who would try to bate their breath, little George cries and wrenches in trepidation as he was electrocuted with 5,380 volts in his head. How in the world could such cruelty persist?

Years following his death, it was ascertained that he was innocent. His conviction was recently overturned in the 21stcentury: that’s the US uncolored judicial system. The color of my skin is my crime: that’s the US uncolored judicial system. Uncolored murders another uncolored and frames colored: that’s the US uncolored Judicial system. 

When an uncolored man is being prosecuted, justice is often delayed; when a colored man is being prosecuted justice is usually rushed; If justice delayed is justice denied; Justice rushed is also justice crushed.

Yesteryear was George Stinney Jr.; yesterday was George Floyd; today might be your George, and tomorrow, there maybe no Judge but you. Speak: let your voice echoes in the grave of the dead; be heard by the ears of the living; be conceived in the heart of the unborn. Don’t let your voice be tamed to cage the yet-to-be-conceived in an eternal suffering. Don’t let them be referred to, on the news, as Niyi Osundare ironically stated: “There are few casualties, 10 persons and 1000 negroes.” What!? We are not just Black, we are persons too. Arise and speak: let our voices be heard in unison, for I am telling you, I am telling you.

I am telling you, I am telling you….,




Criticism Championed By Activism

By Deji Adedoyin @motivateddeji_speaks

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