Happyyyy new month FABFAM!!!!!!!!

Guess what day it is? WRITER CRUSH WEDNESDAY! Wednesdays aren’t regular around here. I always come bearing a writer that deserves all our love, for works of art that make us gasp.

AYOTUNDE ABIODUN is our very first male WCW. Having worked with him on the Gani Fawehimni Students Chambers Blog team recently, I just knew there was no one better to grace the segment today. Dapper, talented and embodied with great research skills, he is one of the best teammates any writer could have. Ayotunde is also a very sweet young man. Get to know him:


Ayotunde Abiodun

Can you briefly describe yourself to readers?

Hey guys. I trust you guys are staying safe. First off, I love trying new things and embarking on learning experiences. I’m ambitious, driven and I constantly set goals for myself. An headline, I would love to be much more than there’s time for me to be.

What has your writing journey been like?

It has been a great learning experience.

What inspires you?

Those moments when I think about about the bigger picture and what is important in my life. I’m thankful for those moments and what they bring. Also, the quest to be a better version of myself everyday.

There’s no 2020 without the pandemic talk. How do you think the pandemic has influenced the creative space? Or personally, how has it affected your writing?

I’m sure, most of us are tired of the new routine. Personally, I feel this period has afforded a lot of people, the time to start writing. A lot of people have connected with their creative space. This period is when creatives are really needed to keep people happy, informed and entertained.

What’s the worst stereotype you’ve ever heard about writers?

Writers are seen as being moody and depressed individuals. That’s not true.

How has Law been like and do you combine studying it with any other thing except writing?

Law has been really interesting. I try to balance my studies with extracurricular activities, sports and research jobs.

What’s your hope for the second half of this year?

I really hope things go back to normal. I pray for better occurrences and glad tidings.

I observed that you’re big on football. To be very candid, Chelsea or Man U?

Blue is the colour. Chelsea is the Team ✨🥂.

Bluessss! He passed my trick question and it’s decided, there’s nothing to not love about him!

Share your thoughts on today’s interview. Email afolabifareedah10@gmail.com for business or feature ideas.


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