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I still absolutely cringe when I hear “welcome back to my YouTube channel!!!“ or “so let’s get right in the video”. Maybe it’s just me......

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Anyone that knows me personally knows I have a serious YouTube addiction! Before you get agitated, I know that the app is data-consuming but I’m of the opinion that data is a basic need like food and water. There’s never too much food right? (Lol food mongers are shouting yes)

Going into the pandemic, my YouTube usage doubled up. Staying home indefinitely definitely took a toll on me. I’m not okayyyy and I need some distraction! For some others, Netflix filled that void. YouTube just makes me sooo happyyy! Stepping out of my world for a bit and watching someone else’s life or the life I hope to build for myself soon is therapeutic. If you like food, beauty, fashion, photography, hilarious, couples and family content, this list was handpicked just for you…..


I feel so strongly about Dimma, you guys. She was the very first YouTuber I discoveredand I was totally smitten. It was her “Eyeshadow dos and don’ts” video. Her sense of humor and originality endeared me towards her. There are too many (Nigerian) YouTuber with alien accents but Dimma is just unapologetically Igbo. She owns her culture as you would catch her chipping it in and gliding into the language here and there. It is soooo admirable to me even as a Yoruba chic.

Asides that, she is a well-established and recognized black YouTuber with a large amount of following. She has spoken at international YouTube events. Her makeup routine is also quite beginner-friendly. Learnt a great deal of my first makeup tips from her.


Ronke is a Nigerian YouTuber based in the US. I randomly came across her wedding video and I’ve been stuck ever since. Your girl has literally followed her life up until now, two kids later and it has been amazing so far. She creates makeup, natural hair and fashion content with a very intentional approach with aesthetics. One look through her IG profile would give you a specific idea of her style. Her content is carefully curated with neutral colours (tan, brown, gold, white, grey) from her fashion to her hair colour to her interior decor and even children’s wears.

She is true to herself and very funny. She is lowkey my imaginary best friend. You can feel her thoughts just by watching and her level of audience connection is a 100. Plus if you love cute babies, this is some content you should definitely sign up for.


Energy queen! Her vibe is so contagious. If you don’t tear a smile while watching her, you must have some issues even I cannot help you with.

I discovered her on Ebonylife TV. She was a presenter and has now diversified into MC-ing, hosting red carpets and brand influencing. She does equally great at all and I definitely put you on to her if this is your dream line of career. She calls her fans “family members” and I couldn’t think of a better name watching her relationship with them. (Beyhive got nothing on them!) With a smile as pretty as hers and her vibrant personality, Tomike is all you need to cheer you up on a gloomy day.


Alma is one of Abuja’s most influential influencers. She does makeup, fashion and family content plus interesting vlogs. She is so pretty I can’t help but stay glued watching her use all those products I know I will not buy (Groupchat link pls?😂). One minute into any of her videos and you could connect with her passion for family and all that she does. Her makeup is hashtag on fleek; if you’re light-skinned and have a penchant for bright colours, all you need to do is copy and paste her routine.


Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie!

When you hear this, you already know whose channel you’re on. Jackie Aina is a Nigerian-American YouTuber. She is one of the pioneers of beauty vlogging. Jackie has partnered with the best makeup brands you can ever think of: Elf, Sephora, Sigma beauty, Anastasia Beverly Hills. She advocates for equality of people of colour in the beauty industry and you would always catch her bashing brands that are not black people-inclusive.

Girrrlllll I live for her roasts😂😂Her sense of humor and savagery is top-notch! Talk about beauty, brains and personality.

Watch out for part 2. Pls tell me if you watch any of them.

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