*This is an updated version of this article, first published on the LSS Blog in 2019.

How did you feel when you got admitted into the faculty of Law?? Excited? It was a gooodd feeling. Even if some of us are really rethinking our life choices at this stage of our almost non-existent LL.B career (“maybe Social works isn’t such a bad course”), I can’t help but reminisce on how my mom almost rejected my admission mistakenly out of excitement. We would discuss that extensively on “how to accept your admission peacefully with no family member in sight 101” (No jokes bruh, do that shit alone!)

We cannot deny it has earned our parents bragging rights! However, admission is the least problem that you’ll face once you get in. Whether you’re a fellow zebra waiting to see your personal struggles affirmed or just a reader in solidarity, below are challenges Law students face:


The instant you get that admission letter is when you’ll start solving family quarrels! Those relatives that cannot just congratulate you in peace. Any small thing “Lemme goan cause trouble”. (Aunty Sade, you will just sleep in Kirikiri for no reason) I can’t go a month without “Fareedah conman judge this matter”. You’ll na be using Legal methods brain to solve Contract Law issues. Pele o Festus Keyamo!


A certain lecturer in her welcome speech to Class of 2023 said “He who signs up for Law has sentenced himself to a lifetime of reading”. There is so much to learn hardly covered by lecturers, leaving students to their individual reading. Whatever is read and how well it is read then determines how the exam would be battled out. Getting to the exam hall, there is a lot of knowledge to outpour. Imagine forgetting case in exam hall and forming Ajala v Babatunde😂😂 If you’re asked, say it’s their middle names lmao you dead!


The famous monochrome regulatory colour code has earned Law students a couple of not-so-nice names including “Zebras”, “Choristers”, “Tom-Tom” (C’mon guys!) Many of us feel restricted in terms of exploring colours and mix-matching fashion statements. Well, it is what it is. We have, luckily, designed ways to slayyy in our “zebra” dress code. Meanwhile, Law freshers are rocking the uniform all around campus even to buy food. God safe us! Lowkey if I’m all dressed up for class and it is eventually cancelled, I’m going to Shop 10 so my white will not waste😂


Latin everywhere!!!!!! Any small thing, Stare decisis et non quieta movere. Sebi nemo quod non habet; I cannot give the Latin I don’t have. Sebi iss Law I say I want to do? Lol I saw someone putting Yoruba marks on Latin words in exam hall. What did I do? I minded my business na😂


In many cases, students of Law are under untold pressure from parents and the society at large. The reality is that many of the students studying in this faculty are here because of the wishes of their parents. They do not necessarily have the academic capability to withstand all the “jacking”. Even the “scholars”, at a point, lose mental stability in a bid to securing good GPs. Students become susceptible to suicide and depression. The struggle is, therefore, to graduate and rapidly get out of the system and not even to learn.
You may need a support system to tackle this. Find solace in someone or something that brings you peace.


Many may wonder why this is making the list but it is actually a thing. There exists a ridiculous stereotype with the learned folks. Of course, there is the prestige and respect that comes with being affiliated with the course but can we just stop being identified as arrogant? This is equivalent to implying Law comes with its own attitude and I’m pretty sure there is no scientific justification for this. Oh oh you mean Law has a genetic composition? Have you grabbed your L yet or we should force it down your throat?


It is incredulously expensive to be a student of Law. Textbooks here and there, Law dinner this, something fiesta that. Before you know it, all your savings will go for vanishing! You may consider venturing into entrepreneurship. Learn to prioritize. Save certain amounts each month for unforeseen contingencies and you’ll be good to go.

This may be termed unserious but I would be damned not to add that Law boasts of the hottest girls (and boys) and you may need some shades to avoid being distracted. Most importantly, devise means to simplify your life and seek therapy when necessary.

If you can relate to these things, you’re a real gee abeg!

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  1. Like, the pressure!!!. Plus faculty of law that releases results after 6 to 12 months, some parents would think you’re lying when you tell them results are not out. That’s how we’ve still not seen our year one sociology results 😂😂😂😂

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