IG: @the_pimz

Today, we’ll be having someone whose craft is really different from what I’ve showcased here before. Meet Adeyinka Olowojoba (@the_pimz)

Fine boy innit?

Adeyinka, popularly known as Pimz or Messi, is a skit maker; he started comedy last year taking his friend, Pickolo’s advice. He owes his persistence to the support and encouragement from people. I’m not sure for what reason but he also thinks it’s important for us to know he has a soft spot for football and a Messi fan (this makes sense now)😂 I personally admire his dedication even in such a saturated industry. Pls watch out for every spotlight-er here!

Guess what’s next? Interview? Nahhh! (Lmaooo I just heard someone sigh in relief!!) A special gift for being such ardent readers. Watch his skit below and go on to follow him on IG here🔥

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