A-ha! We back!!!! First of all, pls say a prayer for me. I’ve been struggling with consistency like Harrysong’s music career (how about Harry-leave-our-screens!)

Anyways, staying true to one of my goals this year, we have someone inspiring gracing this segment today. We’ve been trying to do this for quite a while and I’m glad I’ve finally been able to accomplish it. Stealing our spotlight today is Oluwaseyi Moejoh. She is an entrepreneur and co-founder of U-Recycle Initiative, an NGO whose principal aim is the sensitisation and curbing of environmental pollution and most importantly, making sure our recycling culture is upheld. The organization also seeks to advocate for sustainable and effective recycling policies, legislations, facilities and systems in schools, and communities to eliminate the huge disastrous impact of plastic waste on the environment.

Oluwaseyi Moejoh, co-founder, U-Recycle Initiative


Give a brief intro of yourself, Seyi.

Hiiii! My name is Oluwaseyi Moejoh. I’m a Law student at the University of Lagos and an enviromental enthusiast. I’m really passionate about promoting sustainable development focused on enviromental preservation, oceans conservancy and mitigation of pollution and climate change.
I’m the Co-founder of U-recycle Initiative Nigeria and I also run a small business- Artfully Moe Creations -which deals in the production and sales of made-in-Nigeria handcrafts. I’m a Christian and the first born of five children. My family resides in the south-south region of Nigeria.

What is U-RECYCLE and why did you start it?

U-recycle Initiative is a youth-led social enterprise focused on advancing a circular economy in Nigeria through reinforcing a sustainable recycling culture across schools and communities. We invest our time and resources into educating schools and communities about the value of recycling by creating programmes and proffering deep-rooted solutions to make the Recycling of waste more efficient and pervasive across schools and communities.

I started U-recycle with Fathia Bello in 2018. We started this because we had identified a problem; waste pollution. We understood that there was a need for us to begin acting towards addressing this problem, no matter how little our actions may seem. We believe we have creative ideas and as we act, we hope to be very innovative in profferring long-lasting solutions towards mitigating waste pollution.

In the long run, how much impact has the organisation had in curbing environmental hazards?

Right now we have had over 939 beneficiaries from our offline projects and through these projects our message is simple there is a lot you can do as one person to mitigate pollution for your good and the good of the enviroment. However from 2020, we would be executing projects like our U-bin and possibly our U-hub which would help aid recycling of waste and advance further education and awareness on pollution, climate change, protecting ocean biodiversity and more.

How many events do you have in a year and how do you fund it?

In the year 2019, we had 6 projects, 2 of which were major city events, focused on mobilising and educating people about the need to adopt eco-friendly lifestyles towards the good of the environment. In 2019, we majorly focused on promoting awareness and enviromental education through workshops, city events, cleanups, trainings and more. In 2020, in addition to creating awareness, we are working on promoting systems and facilities in schools to aid Recycling.

So far most of our projects have been funded by generous donations from people and organisations and also mini-sponsorships from companies. They have been more than helpful in bringing our ideas and dreams to a reality.

We’re both Law students and I know how crazy life can get. How do you manage this organization, school and your personal life?

It hasn’t truly be easy, but as much as I am passionate about what I do for the enviroment, I try to prioritize. Planning and Prioritizing has been one helpful tool for me, I’m still trying to strike the balance because sometimes I actually get overwhelmed and breakdown, then and there I press the huge Pause button and remind myself that I’m only an 18 year old and can’t change the world in one night. Smiles.

What has been the greatest challenge?

Time, funding, skills and more.
But as we keep working all this challenges are slowly becoming less of a burden. We are less than 2 years old and we are trying as much as possible to learn from experience and mistakes, while we also harness opportunities towards our advantage and growth.

What has kept you steadfast over the years?

The Problem, our solutions and how much impact we can make in the long-run. The people who have been inspired by our work, our volunteers, the school students and those who keep cheering us on. I really love you all.

What is your favorite thing to do away from all the hustle and bustle of life?

I don’t think I have a favorite thing right now, I’m still exploring, but I love watching interesting movies, meeting new people- I feel everyone is a unique box of mystery to unfold and it’s exciting when you finally unfold a good one, eating good food, discussions and joking around with friends, playing yeah playing like a child, exploring new places and more

Congratulations on winning the Recycling Heroes competition. I’m soo glad your exceptional work is starting to get its deserving recognition. I can’t wait to record all your success!

Thank you so much Faree. Stay Safe everyone! Faith over Fear!

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  1. This is actually an underrated subject,considering the benefits of preserving the environment towards Sustainable Development Goals. Glad you’re giving it the recognition it deserves.🙌

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