Woman /ˈwʊmən/
(n) A superhuman!

Aishah Ahmad, Deputy Governor, CBN

It’s International Women’s Day!!! From the Beyonces to the Oprah Winfreys; our very own Kiki Mordis and Tara Durotoyes, it is an irrefutable fact that behind every successful institution or community is a great woman!

My very first memories of writing were with my mom. How would I ever forget how she would force me to make up an entire “how I spent my last holiday in South Africa” essay knowing fully well it was spent doing the dishes in a street in Lagos, Nigeria? It would suffice to say she catalysed my entire writing journey and I await the day I bag an “Oscar” for writing and scream “Maaaaaamiiiiii!” before I begin my speech which would totally not be premeditated. I was almost not sure how to do this write-up without being so “women are better than men” cliché but then something popped up in my really cute head. How about we rate five awe-inspiring women who deserve our accolades? Leggo!


You don’t know Iya Basira, the owner of the buka just across the street ever-ready to whet your seemingly insatiable appetite? I just wonder who exactly you know! Her restaurant serves different meal courses without a menu at the most affordable price ever and would even offer you some entertainment for free with Sikiru Ayinde Barrister playing on Bond FM. While you unknot your tie or unfasten your belt, one of her girls place a steamingly hot plate of abula (Amala + gbegiri + ewedu triad) on your table for you to relish. I just really wonder what excuse you give to your wife for not being able to eat the meal she prepared you. Iya Basira for President abeg!


Ah Mama Peace! This Jack of all trades is a lifesaver. She is the most reliable plug for every condiment. With the rate at which she stocks her kiosk with ingredients ranging from spinach to crayfish to grounded pepper, we strongly believe she would sell a cow next. With her shop just at the centre of the local market, you know you’re covered when you’re craving Egusi.


Who sat and held your feeble hands when it was learning to write? Miss Peace! She is the one whose name you would easily call when asked about your favorite teacher. Being a second mom, she would reprimand you when you fight your classmate or praise you when you score the highest in the weekly test. You want to be a teacher because of how elegant she rocks her teacher’s stilettos and prances down the hallway. You badly want to hold a marker and practise her handwriting but she would whoop your ass if she finds any stain on your notebook that isn’t for creative arts. Miss Peace commands respect and is so articulate, you sometimes wish to be like her in the nearest future.


Halima is a single mother living in the flat downstairs with her two children. She is an entrepreneur working two other jobs during the day. She delivers her handcrafted shoes on the weekends and spends quality time with her kids at every opportunity she gets. Halima denies herself every luxury and saves up every dime. You may need to reevaluate who your hero is.


Boss lady! Secures all the deals in the company she works for and recently got promoted after years of being denied because she’s a “woman”. She would stop at nothing to get to the top.

Now before you get all worked up about why your name didn’t make this list (nothing sending me money can’t fix by the way *dramatic wink*), NOPE, I don’t know these people! Sound familiar? Yes that’s the point. The society gives so much spotlight to the notable figures and forgets those average industrious women earning an honest living even in adversity.

Those five names are symbolic representations (I’m pretty sure my Literature teacher called it “allegory”) of many women in a typical Nigerian setting instrumental to the success of different units of our society. We’ve all met these people and they have become an important aspect of our lives. Women are homemakers, goal-getters and nation builders (PS: They had better start doing more female superheroes without the stripper costume). March 8 was set out to remind us all what awesome souls we are and eliminate discrimination against women. It is also aimed at helping women gain full and equal participation in global development. Asides being my birthmonth, March is a reminder to celebrate women in different sectors worldwide. Don’t forget to always advocate against sexual assault which 81% of women have experienced. I can definitely not be prouder of being a woman and achieving all that I’m expected not to against all odds. The limits are unknown to me but I can’t wait to exceed them.

Dear Woman,

Be you on the lower or higher end of the societal spectrum, you’re gold! There is no limit to what you can achieve. Together, we’re an explosive force. If you can think it, you can do it!

My quote was inspired by Mo Abudu, CEO, Ebonylife TV

#EqualRightsEqualOpportunities #TheFutureIsFemale #CelebrateWomenEveryday

All names and entities in this work are purely fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, dead or alive, is purely coincidental. Email for business or feature ideas.


  1. Yup….my bitch did this!!!!!…..My baby 😭😭❤️❤️❤️….. Happy international women’s day boo…. you’re the best!

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      1. Iya basira provided delicious meal at affordable prices along side free entertainment.
        Mama peace provide important condiments and she is a Ife saver

        Miss Doris doesn’t tolerate wrong behaviors and she encourages her students

        Halima takes care of her children all alone

        Ms. Ronke worked diligently in order to be promoted

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  2. oml fareedah
    at first, I didn’t want to read this cause I was expecting this “what a man can do, a woman can do better” but then you blew my mind.
    This is absolute creativity and talent in an article.
    God bless you, yo!

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  3. One thing all the women highlighted in this article have in common is that they are; homemakers, goal-getters, society builders, and Boss ladies.
    They support the society with their skills and empathy no matter how menial we consider it to be, the truth being that the society wouldn’t be able to function without them.
    These women aspire to be the best at whatever they do, being ready to go head- to-head with any challenge they might come across, making sure to emerge at the top as the very best. This trait proves how goal- ridden they are, so why won’t they be boss ladies?
    Whilst trying to handle what life dishes to them on a daily platter, they don’t forget to balance things up and make time for family and other people that need them. This makes them incredible homemakers, and as the popular saying goes; ‘charity begins at home.’ They help shape individuals to become better people that contribute positively to the community.
    However, no matter how wonderful these women are, they still need our support to function at their best capabilities. So let’s say no to gender discrimination and sexism against our homely heroes today.

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  4. In addition to my previous write up, what makes these women significant in our society is that they are the usual everyday women. Despite that factor, they still make their own difference in their various facets of life.

    Thank you Faree for prompting me to come add something💕

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