Last weekend was very eventful. From Valentine’s day to Unilag’s matriculation amidst the okada ban, Lagos was a total shutdown. The publicity crew of BKNA RKNA reached out to US via IG. We were sent free tickets to do a review of the event, sooo why notttt?

It was a 2-day Valentine experience for couples and singles. BKNA RKNA (pronounced backna rackna) is an event organised to explore and experience wonderful acts, music, entertainment and experience Yoruba mythology in a completely different yet astonishing way. Accommodation was also included. Below are our thoughts:

The entertainment festival was for couples and singles to find love and fun through the mythological perspective. This festival was created to sensitize both young and old in the mysteries of complexities of African mythologies. It was held at Takwa Bay beach, Lagos (which was a cool pick if you ask me).The ambience was electric!

Being a two-day event, BKNA RKNA started on the 15th of February, 2020 with an exotic boat cruise to the main beach from CMS. We particularly found the cruise exhilarating and beautiful; sheltered by the beautiful Lagos sunset and welcomed by the cold ocean breeze. As a young single man, our correspondent held on to a lady who was scared to death (it’s Cupid season innit?) Amidst the jokes, laughter and shouts of “oh God, oh God”, a couple was observed to be holding hands and enjoying the moment. Very beautiful to watch!🤗 We were already having so much fun yet the event hadn’t even started properly!

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the loud blast of music at the reception area. A pack of small chops was already waiting for us. Asin, sharp sharp! There was some time to spare before the main event started so we were provided lots of activities to participate in like jet skiing, volleyball, and the likes. It also felt good to swim in the very blue waters of Takwa Bay beach. After a while, we moved to the main location of Bkna Rkna. It was about 5 minutes’ walk from the main beach to the festival location. This walk wasn’t however boring as there was so much to see like a horse stable, mini pet house and so on. Upon getting to Bkna Rkna, the walkway was lit with candles and traditional lanterns which made it look and feel very rustic. The whole aesthetic aura was very traditional and rustic with traditional beads (Ileke), horsetails and woven baskets dangling from trees, mats laid on the ground and wooden tables with traditional games like Ayo and Ludo.

After a while, the main show begun. The play started with a very energetic dance performance by its characters. The very flexible movements of the main character was a spectacle to behold. Prior to this event, I had never heard of Erinle, a mythological Yoruba god of abundance, wealth and hunting. The play starts with a meeting of traditional gods- Ogun, Osun, Yemoja, Aguyun, and Erinle. Erinle and Ogun fight over a pulchritudinous “entity” “being not of this world”. Erinle eventually wins her heart and they engage in one of the most sensual love making ever made. Because she is not of their world, she is forced to leave the god she has fallen in love with overnight. Erinle goes to the end of the earth to find this being and as a result, he is turned into a tributary. Extraordinary!

After the play, we were able to have a quick chat with Ifeanyi, the writer of the play. He said the play was written for this event and a lot of work was put into it. He said he had to find mythological gods that weren’t necessarily conventional. At the end of the day, he contributed in creating beauty.
There was also a mini exhibition of the Erinle’s various weaponry and we spoke to the great hands behind them. Gbemi says she spent over a year conducting research and creating these beautiful sculptures.
Afterwards there was a bonfire and dancing after which people withdrew to their tents to call it a very early morning. The next day, we had tantra yoga. This is a very erotic yoga routine used to awaken the sexual libido. We spoke to the organizers of Bkna Rkna, Ranti Atunwa and Imelda Awinoron and they say this event was created to awken people into our diverse world of African mythology. Imelda says, “there are Greek gods, Amazon warriors, Norse gods. African gods also exist and their stories aren’t told.” They want to sensitize the youths about our mythos.

Asides the overpriced vendors, the fest was really good!!!! Imelda said there would be discounts for Unilag students in subsequent events and that’s really exciting. The next one is in Easter so pls stay tuned for more info!

Imelda Awinoron, organiser
Mr Ranti Atunwa, organiser

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