Writing is such a beautiful work of art!

Oh well….so are writers!

They divide and unite; conquer the bloodiest of all wars with their pens. From their dedication to consistency, critical thinking to creativity, there’s nothing to not love about writers! My Writer Crush Wednesday today is Fadugbagbe Oluwaseyifunmi!!!!!! Seyi is dashing, down-to-earth and hilarious. Endowed with beauty, brains and personality, –the triad!– there’s no better WCW!

Read her “Diary of a Serial Killer” series here!

Make a short bio about yourself.
My name is Fadugbagbe Oluwaseyifunmi. I’m a law student on weekdays and writer on weekends. I love thriller and horror movies and I have a weird habit of reading books that have to do with domestic violence.

What word best describes you?
I would go with weird.

Is there a particular style/genre of writing you’re confined to and what inspires it?
I’m not confined to any style or genre. I try to keep my writing as versatile as possible.

I absolutely love your “serial killer” series. Have you always done criminal fiction?
I actually started with romance but I got bored with the usual boy meets girl storyline. So I started reading up biographies of the world’s greatest serial killers and the idea popped up.

What would be your ultimate writing platform?
Figment or Jekyll.

Is there a particular topic you can never write on?
Religion. I feel like I can never write from an unbiased point of view so I just refrain from talking or writing about it.

People need to understand writers love to chill too. What do you do in your leisure?
I watch movies a lot, almost like a bad habit. I also sing under the shower pretending I’m on Broadway.

I just want to know, Seyi. Pizza or shawarma?
That’s a tough one but shawarma all the way💃💃

Read this before you go!!!

Apart from the fact that she chose shawarma, I love her! See you in my next one!

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